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denicemagbanua: congrats Danica! stay pretty and cool! :)))

Awwwe thank you Denice!! You too! :))

Posted 3 months ago
lyssavillanueva: Congratulations ate Danica! :) <3

Hi Lyssa!! Thankyou!! :)

Posted 3 months ago

Already home

To finish one’s education is a really big achievement. Even though technically, I graduated six months ago, I still decided to join our commencement exercises because it’s a once in a lifetime event I couldn’t miss. To express my gratitude, I had a simple celebration the next day held at Crown Hotel with my family, relatives, friends and workmates.

 photo IMG_5667_zps07f9acda.jpg

 photo IMG_5668_zpsd70c64d8.jpg

 photo IMG_5919_zps1da80d23.jpg

 photo IMG_5682_zps664d06b1.jpg

It was very overwhelming seeing my parents so happy and proud. They kept reminding me before to prioritize my studies above anything else. They always worry that I would do something stupid and I won’t be able to graduate. But now here we are celebrating because I was able to give them one of the greatest gifts a child can give to his/her parents. :)

 photo IMG_5700_zps3c1bd9f8.jpg

Now, let’s proceed with what I’m wearing. *Sigghhh! I missed doing outfit posts* Supposedly, this wasn’t what I’m going to wear. But then, few days before the event, I bought this dress that fits me perfectly and more suitable for the occasion.

 photo IMG_5704_zps41c353e4.jpg

I love it because it’s simple yet very classy. What can really go wrong with little black dresses, right? They’re always reliable when you’re in doubt. Aside from the aforementioned reason, another thing I love about this dress is that it did a great job in hiding my unwanted fats. *Except for my flabby arms :( *

 photo IMG_5772_zps26f21ef3.jpg

 photo IMG_5803_zps71afbfef.jpg

 photo IMG_5767_zps04dc01ec.jpg

 photo IMG_5801_zps836adcae.jpg

 photo IMG_5810_zpsf79f492a.jpg

 photo IMG_5806_zps72c9a0b3.jpg

 photo IMG_5888_zpscd29369e.jpg

Thank you guys for celebrating with me! ♥

 photo IMG_5711_zpsa03bd6c0.jpg

 photo IMG_5713_zpseae2f8e4.jpg

Isabella’s treasure peplum dress

 photo IMG_5723_zpsf10dbe41.jpg

 photo IMG_5715_zps292a9711.jpg

 photo IMG_5717_zpsc807266e.jpg

Hair and make up by yours truly

 photo IMG_5718_zpse9fbad42.jpg

Phoebe’s merchandise customized case

 photo IMG_5722_zps1ab4ea37.jpg

Michael Kors watch

 photo IMG_5725_zps250d6781.jpg

Rusty Lopez heels

 photo IMG_5699_zps63638196.jpg

Give this look some love on Lookbook and Chictopia!

Outfit shots by : Anjonette Ramos

Posted 4 months ago
Anonymous: wow just wow. Idol na po kita <3

Grabe nomon hihi thank yooou :)

Posted 4 months ago

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Posted 4 months ago
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