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Anonymous: wow just wow. Idol na po kita <3

Grabe nomon hihi thank yooou :)

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Begin Again

I know, I know. I was again missing in action for a while. Blogging during weekdays is not an option because I’d rather stay in bed, rest and read a book. So yep, that leaves me the two rest days at the end of the week that has never been significant to me until now.

So last month, my co-Afash friend Remo had a project for his Oral Communication class with a topic related to fashion. It was particularly about styling a t-shirt in multiple ways. When he asked us to model for the photo shoots, I was more than happy to comply because first, I was already running out of photos for my blog (lol) and second, I missed being with my A-fash family. :(

 photo 1912118_10201385814881545_1472279010_n_zpsda1292a4.jpg

 photo IMG_1158_zps0b34ff3b.jpg

Remo prepared six styles for both boys and girls. There’s edgy, laid-back, ragged, playful, classic and romantic. During the shoot, they took two kinds of sets. One was the basic ensemble. Basic as in with no add-ons. And the other one was styled according to the theme assigned to us. So this photo right here was the basic one. I personally loved the print of this shirt. It reminds me of Daft Punk, who has cool songs by the way (lol) #OkayRandom

Since the shirt was my key piece, I decided to pair it with something printed so that the ensemble will not be too simple. That’s the secret all the time when you want to look stylish even you’re just in those shirts. You have a wide variety of options to choose from in deciding what to pair it with. You don’t have to be all Plain Jane. Nu-uh.

 photo IMG_11611_zpscb4242fe.jpg

Go ahead, make a guess on what style was assigned to me. *sigh* Classic. Seriously, can I never get enough of working clothes? (Haha) During weekends it’s like I’m in a laid back phase. Me and my favorite blouse and shorts combo gets back together all the time. At least there’s still something in my life that can get back together (lol) #OkayRandomNumberTwo

So on a Saturday without work and I was in corporate clothes, I was damned. Anyhoo, I still enjoyed styling this one. It never entered my mind that I can actually wear a shirt for work until this one. You see, I said this several times already but I will say it again. Never, ever get rid of your shirts. All you need is the proper styling and you’re good to go.

 photo IMG_1164_zps56cdd68f.jpg

What are some of the things that you really need in your wardrobe? First, blazers. I swear they will always save you when you need to be extra dressy without exerting too much effort. Blazers work for my throw-on-and-go looks all the time. Second, accessories. Especially, necklaces like this one. They will save your plain and simple tops. Third, printed bottoms. They will spice up your get up when your top is simple. Lastly, neutral colored bags. They can go with anything.

 photo IMG_1171_zpsa008c05e.jpg

 photo IMG_1182_zpsc2cb5385.jpg

Thrifted blazer; Tee Culture top; Candie’s skirt

 photo IMG_1176_zps02e994a1.jpg

Greenhills necklace

 photo IMG_1188_zpsccf0d98a.jpg

Forever 21 earrings

 photo IMG_1178_zps9f17aa05.jpg

Infinity bracelet (gift) ; Rings from my mom; Parisian bag

 photo IMG_1181_zps3187ad73.jpg

Rampage heels

 photo IMG_1339_zpse8f0a2d3.jpg

Like I said, each style was modeled by a girl and boy. Here’s my friend Mark in a classic outfit as well.

 photo IMG_1342_zps790fcbcc.jpg

Here’s a very unprepared edgy outfit for me. (lol) I will no longer share the story behind this impromptu styling but I hope you got the idea of how edgy works. Some key pieces are dark colors, leather jackets, spikes, studs and skulls.

 photo IMG_1166_zpsb2f6a802.jpg

Photography by : Julio Alberto Bricia

Give this look some love on Lookbook and Chictopia! ♥

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Anonymous: Hi ate! I really admire you as a person and as a blogger. :) I am your avid reader and I have noticed a few glitches in your grammar. You may opt not to post this question, it's okay. I am your fan and I want you to improve for the better!! <3 Please do not take this offensively :( Thank you for your time. Keep on blogging. Never mind haters. We love you :* More power ate danica!! >:D<

Hi! No worries, it’s really fine. I appreciated that you told me. :) Thank you so much for the kind words!! And because you love me, I love you too. Heee~ <3

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Temporary solutions

I’m about to write a post and for the first time, i’m staring at this draft blankly (LOL). I don’t know, I’m sure each and everyone of us have those days when our mood’s too off. I’m still writing though. You know me, I take blogging as a means of coping. (Coping talaga? Haha)

It’s just you know, when same things kept happening over and over again and you got fed up already. I mean it’s a different situation, different persons involved but still, the same outcome.

Anyways, aside from blogging, another thing I do to divert my attention is shopping. Does it work? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But right now I have no idea (LOL).

 photo untitled_zps8cbdc344.png

 photo IMG_4250_zpsc71750bc.jpg

These babies right here were bought 2 weeks ago. I should have posted this one immediately so I was still able to express how giddily happy I am. I’m lusting over this kind of style since last year and I never thought I can score myself a pair in a thrift shop. Not to mention that damn, IT’S VALENTINO. Something that’s with the same quality and style would suffice but now that it’s branded, I really am a lucky girl. As you can see from the first photo, this one’s too pricey for my liking. That’s why I thank God for thrift shops. I was able to buy these at such a very low price!

 photo IMG_4253_zps98533da1.jpg

 photo IMG_4256_zpsf7a22a23.jpg

These bags, however, were bought just yesterday. Yes, these were the products of my I-don’t-feel-good-that’s-why-I’m-shopping mood. I was really looking for bags that I can use for work so maybe, this was not a bad idea after all. I love this brown one because it’s really classy. I also love that it can appear as two different kinds of bag.

 photo IMG_4259_zps6fd1f6b0.jpg

When it came to bags, I tend to prefer neutral ones now. I love how simple yet classy this one is. This is also the usual size I go for because I bring a lot of things when I go out.

So that’s it! I still bought a few other things for the past few weeks, most of them were working clothes. However, I decided to post just these. You can follow me on Instagram instead for my ootds.

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