photo cd971e36-29dd-4df7-b20c-6e9b3029f81c_zps04ded33e.jpg

Never say never

I will never wear red lipstick. I will never wear boots. I will never wear black ‘cause it doesn’t look good on me. Those are just some of the things I kept telling myself before that didn’t really happen.

 photo x_zpsd060c314.jpg

I’m talking about nevers because this outfit reminds me of my mom and the conversation we had during my early teens. I was looking at her clothes while waiting for her to get dressed and I wondered, when I’m older maybe I’ll be wearing clothes like hers. I told myself no, too oldies. (Says the kid, haha)

 photo 13_zps36ae8714.jpg

But as time goes by, our style evolves. As we mature, the way we dress up goes along with it. Some of my friends even told me that even off-work, I still look too proper. That’s when it hit me, I’m becoming more and more like my mom in so many aspects.

 photo 12_zps44e90bbb.jpg

As for me though, even with the style shift, the “me touch” will always be there. This skirt called out to me and right then and there, I knew I had to get it. Surely, this one falls on “my statement” pieces. Yep, there’s that category. ☺

 photo 6_zpsf85a6fb1.jpg

Top from E-mall’s tiangge | Penshoppe skirt | Thrifted bag | Nine West wedges

 photo 15_zps157290fd.jpg

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 photo 1_zps1b05a301.jpg

Thank you Nick Pahati for the lovely photos! ☺

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SM Youth visits Naga!

I’ve always loved the month of September since I was a kid. For one, this month gives us the feels that Christmas is already near. Yep, the “feels”. And secondly, for us Nagueños, September’s when we celebrate the Peñafrancia festival. The whole month’s packed with activities that everyone can enjoy! Students and employees can have some time off, there are shows and concerts almost every day and bazaars are practically everywhere!

Looking back, maybe that’s what I look forward to all the time when this month comes. The vacations and the bazaars. Ha, ha! But this time around, there’s something else!

 photo digital_zps9fd2d365.jpg

Remember my post here? A year ago, I won the 100 faces of SM Youth contest in collaboration with Tee Culture. It was very unexpected but definitely one of the best things that has happened to me. Good news is, we’ll all have the opportunity to meet the people behind this group ‘cause they will be here for the Peñafrancia festival!!

Me and the other members of A-fash are all so excited! Not to mention that our fashion community’s name is on the title of the event! Can we get any more kilig?

We’re inviting everyone to hang out with us on the 19th, from 4 pm onwards and be a part of our fashion consultation featuring the latest shirts from Tee Culture!

 photo Bus_zps61caf558.jpg

I know you’re just as excited as I am! Mark your calendars! Visit the SM Youth Bus at SM City Naga from September 12 to 21 and hang out with us on the 19th. See you then! xx

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Viva La Virgen de Penafrancia!

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Ootds : Compiled

I know it has been a while… again. Some even sent me messages that they miss my posts. I swear, I’m trying my best to keep up but my routine has really changed since I started working. One thing that did not change though was my habit of taking outfit photos. Every week, I post at least two on my Instagram account. However, it wasn’t that fulfilling as compared to blogging because I never get to share my thoughts on what I wear. That gave me the idea of sharing here some of my favorite outfits recently. ☺
*Quality of photos are not excellent. They were taken using my phone only*

 photo IMG_20140215_095602_zps08d5ba37.jpg
(Denim top and blazer - thrifted ; Jeans - Penshoppe ; Loreese bag ; Parklane strappy sandals)

This was what I wore when I went to work on a Saturday. I saw this denim blazer and I just knew that I had to pull off an all-denim ensemble. Denims are timeless and effortlessly stylish that I can never have enough of them. Just a warning though, never put them altogether when it’s too hot. ☺

 photo IMG_20140727_102257_zpsb6494888.jpg
( Peplum top - fashiontrendsonlineph ; Jeans - Penshoppe ; Liz Claiborne bag ; Parklane strappy sandals )

Whenever I go out with my family during Sundays, I usually prefer wearing dresses, skirts and pants. Outfits should always be decent since going to church is always included in our agenda. My top’s a bit revealing both front and back but it’s just too cute! Pairing it with pants toned it down and made the overall look prim yet sassy.

 photo IMG_20140518_124520_zpsba5e609c.jpg
(Top from E-mall ; thrifted jeans and flats)

Days that are intended for hanging out with friends are my favorite because for one, I get to wear anything I like. No dress codes. This was one of them. I’ve been collecting tops like this for a while now. It’s comfy, goes with anything and suits me well. As of the moment, I have around six tops like this in different colors. You know what they say, if it looks good on you, go get them in all colors! Ha, ha! It was also my first time to wear boyfriend’s jeans and I must say, every girl must have one. It’s so laid back yet effortlessly stylish at the same time. You can pair it with plain sleeveless tops or shirts and you’re good to go for a sexy-without-trying-so-hard look. ☺

 photo IMG_20140705_124616_zps161470e9.jpg
(Vera Wang top - gift ; SM Department store skirt ; Parisian strappy sandals)

I always had a thing for skirts with unique prints. It’s not only stylish but very functional as well. You can pair it with a simple top, a plain one even, add some accessories and you’re good to go. The trendiest ones recently are skirts with scenic prints. The edgy in me loves it because it gives a different feel than the usual geometric patterns.

 photo IMG_20140607_081617_zps769e92b7.jpg
(So denim top ; Thrifted jeggings and bag ; Parklane strappy sandals)

I also wore this when I went to work on a Saturday. I decided to wear something laid back but still, striking. I decided to make my good old denim sleeveless top to a tie-front one for a change and paired it with colored jeggings to spice it up. I’ll leave the rest to accessories. Especially to my studded strappy sandals here that has been so reliable since I was in college. It was so overused I can’t believe it’s still kickin’. ☺

 photo IMG_20140612_142436_zps128ea000.jpg
(Top - Isabella’s treasure ; Thrifted skorts ; Strappy sandals from Greenhills ; Thrifted bag)

This was what I wore to a movie-slash-tea date with friends. I decided to go for a preppy look which I think was achieved since I look like a schoolgirl in this outfit. Never mind the short length of my skorts though. No school would approve, I’m sure. ☺

Hope you’re doing all good! Follow me on Instagram! xx ☺
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Okay, I hope I still have my readers after being “not so active” for almost three months (LOL). I’ve always thought that I can squeeze a time to blog even though I’m working but I guess that wasn’t the case, obviously. By some miracle, I stayed at home all day cleaning my room and closet that at the end of the day, I was too lazy to go out and decided to write while resting instead.

 photo 13_zps40baa0b5.jpg

 photo 24_zpsc6d8b933.jpg

These photos were taken three months ago if I’m not mistaken. Looking back, I realized how time flies so fast and how a lot of things in my life are continuously changing. A few days from now, one of my birthday wishes may come true but I don’t want to jeopardize it or something so I’m gonna shut up already (ha, ha).

 photo 20_zps06380d33.jpg

 photo 19_zps2a92a2b4.jpg

Both of these pieces I’m wearing here are current favorites of mine. I’ve already disposed a lot of my clothes that doesn’t suit my style anymore and replaced them with more classy and timeless ones just like these pieces. It’s not about the style alone but the colors as well. The palette that draws me recently revolves around these colors.

 photo 8_zps947d9570.jpg

 photo 23_zpsea97dca6.jpg

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, it’s pretty obvious that I am in neutral colors most of the time for my ootds. White on white is even at the top of my obsession. I don’t know, maybe I’m more into the sleek and dainty kind of style nowadays.

 photo 4_zpsed3dcd00.jpg

This shorts was again referred to as something “so me”. Until now I don’t completely understand whenever people say that because I don’t have a particular style. I’m never consistent with what I like to wear. But like I said before, it feels good whenever I receive comments like that because it only shows that I already made some kind of statement. Something that speaks for myself. :)

 photo 3_zpsa9c7ea2c.jpg

Thrifted top ; DIY floral headband ; Pink Apple earrings

 photo 2_zpsd1001635.jpg

Girl Shoppe ring ; Thrifted gold shorts

 photo 1_zps47b8d60a.jpg

N by Nicole Miller wedges

 photo 26_zpsc64634af.jpg

I wish I can blog more. But for everyday updates, you can follow me on Instagram. Have a great week ahead of you! xx

Photography by: Nick Pahati

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Winners of our swimwear giveaway!! :)

 photo 10261742_10201830817147300_1143590607_n_zps3ecf5c69.jpg

Congratulations! ♥

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